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AMCE's C-130J-30 Cargo Compartment Crew Ballistic Protection - Keeping Crew Safe

26 May 2009


Cupola Observer System (Cupola and Platform)
C130J Cargo Floor (centre floor board
removed) showing armour panels fitted
underneath the floor

A collaborative effort between AMCE and its subcontractors, Boeing Defence Australia Ltd (Boeing) and our armour manufacturing facility, has successfully fitted a unique Loadmaster ballistic protection armour system to RAAF C-130J-30 heavy lift aircraft.

Now in operation in the Middle East, the armour system has been developed by AMCE and is the first of its type for military heavy transport aircraft. Unlike other systems currently available, the AMCE system does not interfere with crew functions, thus enabling unobstructed mission operations while providing maximum personnel protection against armour piercing steel core rounds.

The partnership provided Boeing with its first opportunity to support the RAAF C-130J-30 as well as realise its commitment in supporting Australian SMEs. Boeing set a precedent in agreeing to be a subcontractor to AMCE for manufacture and installation services which few believed would be possible. Boeing’s support, in turn, enabled AMCE to be the prime contractor for the incorporation of its innovative armour solution onto the RAAF C-130J-30 fleet and utilise local manufacture of the armour panels. The armour panels were produced utilising proprietary materials developed locally.

The collaboration also achieved unmatched incorporation speed – being 4 months from contract signature to first two aircraft modifications. In perspective, the armour system has been customised, tested, certified, manufactured and fully incorporated on two aircraft within 4 months. The team’s dedication, professionalism, customer focus, above and beyond support, ensured that desirable outcomes were accomplished to a high standard despite considerable pressures.

This has only been possible due to the open, trusting relationship between AMCE, Boeing Defence Australia Ltd, our armour manufacturing facility and RAAF team members who have all worked together to ensure that Defence personnel working under severe operational pressures receive the most advanced, value for money armour solution possible in the shortest timeframe. Without this relationship the project would have not been able to achieve these extraordinary outcomes.


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AMCE wins three ADM/DMO Awards for Excellence

17 April 2009


Cupola Observer System (Cupola and Platform)

AMCE awarded

Photo courtesy of Australian Defence Magazine. Photographer: Leigh Atkinson.

AMCE’s ability to deliver innovative capabilities on time and on budget to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been recognised by the following ADM DMO/Industry Awards presented to AMCE at the ADM Congress in 2009:

  • Team of the Year 2008 in the Rapid Acquisition Category for Joint Precision Air Drop System integration into the RAAF C-130H and C-130J-30 aircraft;
  • Team of the Year 2008 in the Minor Acquisition Category for the RAAF C-130J-30 Ballistic Protection Enhancement of the Loadmaster Area;
  • The Essington Lewis Trophy – for excellence in collaboration between Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and a Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) for Joint Precision Air Drop System integration into RAAF C-130H and C-130J-30 aircraft.


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