C130 Observer Platform Assembly and Ventilation System

Cupola Observer System (Cupola and Platform)
Cupola Observer System (Cupola and Platform)

AMCE has developed a support platform and ventilation system, which complements C130 Hercules cupola installation, to enhance the comfort and safety of the Observer and increase his/her effectiveness in conducting Observer duties.

AMCE’s Observer platform assembly, fitted as role equipment, provides secure footing for the Observer, and affords the Observer with an unrestricted range of movement within the cupola, increasing the safety of the Observer in carrying out his/her functions. It incorporates a platform height adjustment feature which enables the Observer to set the height of the platform to suit the Observer’s height, maximising his/her comfort. The platform height may be adjusted in flight or stowed when not in use, without any tooling.

Our ventilation system is designed to integrate with the operator’s cupola and serves two important functions which are to demist the cupola effectively and provide a controlled conditioned air supply for the Observer, to minimise the Observer’s susceptibility to airsickness or heat exhaustion - maximising his/her comfort.

Incorporation of the support platform and ventilation system into C130 Hercules requires very minor modifications to secondary aircraft structure to include provisions for mounting the support platform and installing the cupola ventilation system interface.

Our support platform and ventilation system are currently in service with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and has proven to be a very effective system, enhancing the comfort, safety and functionality of the Observer, as attested by the operational unit. Our solutions are simple, practical and cost effective. The support platform and ventilation system are compatible with various C130 models.

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