C130 High Speed Airdrop

Wedge structure carrying load
Wedge structure carrying load

AMCE has developed its C130 Wedge Airdrop System which enables airdrop of loads up to 3,600 lb with the cargo door open and the cargo ramp closed. This allows dispatch of equipment at higher aircraft speeds, and allows for dual release (of paratroopers via paratroop door and equipment via wedge).

No structural modifications to the aircraft are required for the AMCE C130 Wedge Airdrop System. It is integrated onto a customised strengthened pallet and is simply loaded onto the aircraft cargo ramp as role equipment and locked into the standard Brooks and Perkins (A/A32H-4A) pallet restraint system.

The airdrop load is maintained in a slightly downward orientation with the cargo ramp closed and is restrained by straps in the vertical, aft and lateral directions. The forward barrier provides all necessary restraint in the forward direction. Prior to reaching the drop zone, all straps are released except for an aft shear restraint. The cargo door is opened and the aft shear restraint is cut to release the load. The load is then extracted from the aircraft by gravity.

The AMCE design is certified to DEF STAN 00-970 for the full flight envelope of the C130 aircraft, including the emergency landing case, for loads up to 3,600 lb. The most stringent load case satisfied is the 8g forward ultimate cargo tie-down load case. The reduced 3g forward load case is considered inappropriate for the structure because it allows personnel to be collocated with cargo.

The AMCE C130 Wedge Airdrop System, together with full maintenance instructions, is available as a Commercial-off-the-Shelf product. A publication amendment service is also available to incorporate any changes into the customer’s publication suite.






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